Luggage Tracking



The ultimate in travel care, the Annual Explorer Package gives you total peace of mind whilst travelling abroad. One phone number - Any problem, any time zone, any destination worldwide! Our team of multilingual experts are here to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

1.     Tag'n' Traq: Luggage tags and tracking service that Protects your luggage and your identity:

o    Your luggage is our number one priority! Tag'n' Traq luggage tags and tracking service provides you with three high quality, durable tags and ties, each printed with a unique tracking number which allows us to quickly reunite you with your bags without your contact details being on display.

2.     Just Text'HELP: When you need help or information abroad, Call One phone number. Any problem, any country, any language, any time:

o    Worldwide help is only a text message away! Just Text HELP provides you with one phone number for emergency help or information worldwide. Text for help with lost or stolen passports and credit cards, to change a flight or to ask us to speak to the local emergency services for you - we can even text you directions!

3.     Pass thePhone: Over the phone interpretation Problems communicating? We can speak the language for you:

o    If you are having problems due to a language barrier simply call us and we'll speak the language for you! Between them, our team of skilled and experienced interpreters speak over 87% of the world's most widely spoken languages and are available around the clock 365 days a year. So wherever you are and whatever you need to discuss, just Pass the Phone!

4.     Doc Store: Avoid lost passport nightmares! Keep your copies secure:

o    Doc Store allows you to protect and easily access electronic copies of your personal files from any internet enabled computer worldwide. You can store copies of your passport, travel documents, insurance policy, itinerary, driving licence, medical records, photographs securely online, ensuring easy recovery should the originals be misplaced, stolen, lost or destroyed.

Registration/Set up: 

1.     Agencies register for the program by completing the form at the bottom or email with the following information:

    a.     Agency Name and full mailing address for billing purposes.

    b.    Agency Contact name with email address and direct phone number.

2.     Agencies will then be provided with a username and password to use to book online.

Booking Procedures for Agencies (Note:  Agencies book on behalf of the client):

1.     Agency goes to and signs in with their username and password.

2.     Agency then "clicks" on UK Explorer Package and enters the customer information.

3.     The cost will show GBP29.95 however we recommend that the agency provide a 10% discount to the client so the price is GBP26.95.

4.     A membership pack will be dispatched directly from Calluma UK Head Quarters to the client anywhere in the world.

5.     Payment is on invoice, so each month the agency will receive a net invoice GBP29.95 less 15% commission and 10% discount to the
        client, equaling GBP19.47.  Payment is due immediately upon receipt of invoice.