Reducing CO2 Emissions


UNIGLOBE Travel's Green Flight Program

UNIGLOBE Travel's Green Flight Program is one of the ways you can support Environment Canada's green house emission reduction goals.


How the program works
Any time you travel you can purchase carbon offset certificates from UNIGLOBE Travel. The monies collected are then invested in sustainable technology projects

What exactly is the Issue?

Air travel accounts for approximately 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that by 2050, emissions from global air travel will account for 5% of the total human climate change impact.

Air travel causes the release of more than 600 million tonnes of the world's major greenhouse gas CO2 into the atmosphere each year.


With growing public awareness of sustainability both locally and abroad, creating a way for consumers to deal with  the carbon "footprint" of their flights is one option to address growing concerns.


The Opportunity

Launched in early 2006, the program provides an opportunity for companies who travel for business or for leisure travelers taking vacations, to purchase carbon credits in order to offset a portion of the CO2 that is emitted by an aircraft during their flight.


"We wanted  to create a simple, relevant way for people to counter some or all of the impact of their participation in a carbon emitting activity like flying. Buying carbon offset credits, which support non-carbon emitting projects like windfarms, creates an "offsetting" effect in direct proportion to the travelers share of their flights emissions. It's a "1+1=zero" concept"  says company president Michelle Desreux.


With this program, an airline passenger can not only calculate but also purchase the amount of carbon credits they need to offset their portion of CO2 produced by their flight. The process is simple. Credits can be bought online, over the phone or in person at any Uniglobe travel agency in Canada. 

The calculations are based on three things:

- the mileage of the flight
- flight-related CO2 emission data: and

- the average cost of carbon credits purchased by UNIGLOBE Travel's program partner Less Emissions Inc.


How much does it cost?

Our customers can offset as much or as little of their carbon emissions as they like. For instance a return flight from Vancouver to Toronto would cost as little as $22.75 to offset the emissions created from one traveller flying. And the power production this supports is enough to supply the energy needs for 100 homes for a day!


Investment in Sustainable Technologies

Carbon offset credits purchased through UNIGLOBE Travel's Green Flight Program are only invested in projects that meet the strict criteria. Environmentally friendly projects such as wind power, produce a continuous stream of energy with no CO2 production - hence the 'offset" effect.

UNIGLOBE Green Flight, Every Ounce Counts!

CarbonNeutral® Travel with UNIGLOBE

UNIGLOBE is working with The CarbonNeutral Company - a leading climate change and carbon offsetting business - to offer our clients a CarbonNeutral travel solution to reduce the carbon impact of corporate travel.


The CarbonNeutral Company have been working in climate change for over 10 years and companies that work with them include Sky, Honda, Barclays and Avis.


All of our clients using this service may communicate that their company's carbon footprint has been reduced through UNIGLOBE's official CarbonNeutral travel programme.  Furthermore, you can also use the appropriate logos within any communications and/or on your website:

(Please contact us for further details on the supply of these logos)


This reduction will also be substantiated by official certification.

The UNIGLOBE CarbonNeutral Travel Solution:

For every Kg of CO2 produced by your travel, money is invested in carbon reduction projects taking place elsewhere in the world which will save the equivalent amount of CO2 thus making the travel CarbonNeutral®


The money is invested in new schemes that would not otherwise have existed, save for the offset money.


Examples of projects include:

Methane captureEnergy efficiency

About The CarbonNeutral Company - our carbon offset partners:

         They are an industry leader selling VER and CER carbon credits

         They have a market leading quality assurance programme including a policy for accounting and
            recording carbon developed by PwC, The CarbonNeutral Protocol and an Independent Advisory Group

         All work is audited by a 3rd party, PwC

         They are the only organization that we know of, to offer a guarantee for every tonne of carbon. So if a
            project fails to deliver the emissions reductions they have quoted, they will replace that project at no
            extra cost.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of our Programme in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.